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A horse photo session with me: what to expect

Updated: Dec 30, 2023

Unfortunately, I haven’t had someone to take pictures of me while I work. But at my next photo session, I intend to take my daughter. She’s not only a great assistant, she also takes very unique and beautiful photographs.

Now, down to business! I want our photo session to be a fun experience for you. So let me tell you what to expect!

horse photography woman and horse in front of barn

Leading up to the session, we will have talked in detail about what you can expect from me, before, during and after the photo session. This includes who you and your horse are, what is important to you, what you want to get out of this, the products I offer and pricing on this, how you can prepare for this photoshoot, and many other things. It is my goal to let all this go down flawlessly.

We will also have discussed possible dates and times and will have found a match between what works for you, the lighting, and the weather.

So, let's talk about the session now.

Usually, I arrive at the site too early. That’s just the way I float. Annoying sometimes. But better than late, right?

Anyway, I will wait in the car until it’s a more or less acceptable time. Then I get my gear out and look around me to get a first feel of the property.

By then it actually is time and I will seek you out, have a little chitchat, you know, about the weather and other trivialities. You know, just to get the inevitable butterflies under control. And then it’s time for the walkthrough.

Let's have a prep talk first.

Even though you will have completed a (pretty elaborate) questionnaire when you book me, I’ll still have you tell me all about your horse. I’m interested in every little detail. Not only because horses are the best conversation topic ever. But also because it will make it easier for me when I know your horse a bit better. So I want to know it all: the good, the bad and especially the ugly. Don’t hold back. I’ve seen a lot of horses, I’ve had horses (and hopefully soon have another) and I have a teenage daughter. I get it.

horse photography girl with chestnut mustang horse

While you are spilling the beans, you will see me looking around. Don’t think I’m rude or not interested in what you have to say. I’m just getting an even better feel of all the possible backdrops, matching what you tell me with the surroundings.

After that, it’s time for you to show me around. Tell me a bit more about the property, about where we can go, about what is off-limits. We will discuss what you and your horse are comfortable with and what is an absolute no go. We’ll go over your expectations again. We will have talked about this beforehand but I like to confirm this when on location.

I have a standard routine that makes my sessions run smoothly. Obviously, every yard is different so this routine will be adjusted accordingly if necessary.

When I know all there is to know about the property and your horse, we can start talking about your outfits. You will have received my Welcome Guide when you booked your session with me. This contains tips for preparing and relaxing your horse. But it is also full of tips on the style of different outfits and examples of what you can wear for each of those styles. But of course, I can help you further with that if you need more inspiration.

You can show me what you brought and we’ll start mixing and matching to determine what goes best with the backdrops we decided upon.

And let's not forget your horse’s outfit. I included this in my Welcome guide as well but we’ll review that too.

What happens during the shoot?

Now it’s time for the hard work. What I want you to do, is smile. Nothing else. Well, maybe follow my posing tips, too ;-)

Behavioral issues

horse photography young gelding playing arend in riding hall

Don’t worry if your horse is naughty, don’t get stressed about it, because I don’t care. At all. At the same time, don’t give your horse any attention when he’s good either.

Not because I’m a nasty woman. But because of all the angry looks, the “don’t!’’s and the “good boy”’s really don’t look good in the photos. Trust me. So, as long as the camera is up to my face, just smile.

I want you both to be relaxed. And I want you to be you with your horse. I want you to love him as you love him every day, quirks and naughtiness included. Because that’s why we are here: to capture that unique bond between you and your horse.

I will also guide you through the posing. We will try out some poses, see what you like best and what looks best from my point of view. There is of course always room for impromptu poses.

But most of all: don’t fret about this whole posing business. As I said, I am all about taking real photos with real emotions.


I am one to take my time. No need to make your horse nervous by running from one location to the next. In between shots, I chat, I brag about my horse, I will coo over your horse. My goal with this is obviously to make you comfortable, and to give you and horse breaks.

Obviously, if your horse is of the forward-minded kind, I’ll save the chatting for after the shoot. I always accommodate the horse first.

After the shoot

When we have all the shots we need, I’ll go over it all with you one more time to make sure we didn’t miss anything. While shooting, I have kept in mind what you want to get out of this photo session. But things change and maybe you had a revelation during the shoot about something you really want to try. Just let me know and we will discuss the feasibility.

Of course, I won’t be able to resist fussing a little more over your horse. But then I’m off to work on your artwork!

What happens next?

During the entire time we work together, I will always strive to remind you of the different steps. So, before we say goodbye (and I rubbed your horses nose one more time), I will repeat what you can expect next. Which is that I will start working on the images and I will contact you as soon as they are ready for you to view. While I am professionally editing your horse photos, I ask that you take another good look at my product guide. Talk about it with family and friends, so that you come ultimately prepared to the viewing.

What I always do

Rub your horse's nose one last time. For real now.

Ready to book your shoot? Yay! Contact me by clicking here!

Not ready to book yet? No worries, if you leave your email address here, I will send you a welcome sequence with more information. Hope to hear from you soon!

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