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Young and feisty

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

equine photography of woman walking away with horse
In Living Kholor

A great horse photography session

If you follow me on social media, you've probably seen this handsome fellow before.

Tamara brought this fellow to my barn a few years ago, when she was looking for a temporary place to stay. I had no experience with young horses, at all. Let alone a year old, intact colt. So Khol and I had some disagreements, some downright fights. But after a few weeks, we established an understanding 🙂.

Eventually he moved to the barn where Tamara had her other horse, but we kept in touch. I had a little soft spot for the little dude.

A beautiful gelding

I took some photos of Khol when he was at our place and I posted those on the Facebook page of my newly started horse photography business. And when Tamara saw those, she told me she wanted to book a shoot with me.

We waited for summer because, you know, Michigan winters aren't very agreeable. And then Khol needed to heal from small complications from being gelded. And then we had to wait until the whole Covid19 thing got a little less intense. But finally! In August of 2020 we got to do the photo session. Khol was just great, so we were all very relaxed and just going with the flow. I even had an unexpected assistant to keep his ears up! (Thanks again for that, Nan 🙂)

Khemosabi DNA

Khol has some Khemosabi in his lineage. I don't know much about breeding and lineage and such. But because the name Khemosabi was uttered with quiet regard, I was really interested to learn more about this horse. So I did some research.

Khemosabi is often dubbed the "Superhorse of the 20th Century". He was not only a very influential stallion in the Arabian horse world, he was also successful as a performance horse.

Apparently, he had a magnificent personality and lots of charisma. I read that he loved people, enjoyed adventure, and thrived on attention.

And that is exactly how I would describe Khol. He is always curious about people, coming right up to the gate to check you out.

And by Khemosabi, does he love adventure! Once, he alerted me that I had forgotten to turn the fence back on by "snapping" it 😲. He also had a very adventurous appetite. Going by the state of the corn broom we found one day, he found that quite yummy 😄.

And let's just not get into the whole attention-loving thing because this blog post would become too long.

Anyway, the shoot was a blast, with lots of other animals to join in on the fun. Khol was being a good boy, until he wasn't, of course. But I guess we would all be done with it after two hours of smiling 😊

equine photography of a paint horse with Khemosabi lineage

black background horse photography

Woman on bench and Khemosabi paint horse photography

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