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Interior design styles and frames

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

Ever get baffled by the immense choice in frames?

It's crazy, right?!

But don't worry, my friend! I am here to help!

The first thing you need to remember is this: there are no rules. It's your house, you decide. And you can pick whatever feels right for you.

However, if you prefer a more cohesive interior design style, read on for some tips.


This interior is all about simplicity, with clean lines, a strict, monochromatic color palette, and clean lighting. Most likely it has an open floor plan, lots of light and functional furniture. The focus lies on the shape, color and texture of just a few essential elements. All of the above creates a sophisticated atmosphere. The entire look is timeless and elegant. There's an overwhelming feeling of serenity.

Keep your frames in the same style: clean and simple. This doesn't mean understated. A little drama can certainly add to the look.

Black or white, simple frames are perfect. Although you can also choose one of the colors of your color palette.


This design style has various references to old factories and industrial spaces, to empty churches and barns.

Think distressed wood, exposed bricks, metal accents, exposed pipes, concrete, ...

This look is achieved by combining the best aspects of old-world charm with modern sleekness. The color palette is neutral, and the layout is open. The furniture is a mix of wood and metal, finished off with industrial accessories.

Basically any metal frame will look good in this interior. As well as distressed wood frames with an industrial look.


This style has its roots in the early 20th century. It is simple and unadorned.

The main idea is "form follows function"' Which only means that the design should reflect the intended purpose of the piece of furniture, decor, ...

If you like uncluttered spaces with clean lines and no fuss, then this is your interior design style. Furniture and decor celebrate natural materials with neutral or earthy colors, all in the same color palette. And very important: the elimination of unnecessary detailing.

The best frames for this interior are frames with neutral tones and clean lines.

Mid-century modern

This style evolved from the modern style. It's best described by the word "retro". It has become a timeless, forever-chic style.

It is sometimes described as the combination of post-WWII practicality, 50's optimism, 60's earthiness and 70's tones and textures. The stile is defined by clean lines, organic forms, minimal ornamentation and high functionality.

Choose frames with a bold, yet simple ledge. Don't stick to one color but mix and match the colors and sizes.


This interior design style is all about creating a calmness within the space, balanced with functionality.

The Scandinavian style uses natural colors and natural materials, such as leather, wood, hemp, wool, sheepskin, ... Everything must be in harmony and soothing for the eye.

It is sometimes described as the combination of post-WWII practicality, 50's optimism, 60's earthiness and 70's tones and textures. The style is defined by clean lines, organic forms, minimal ornamentation and high functionality.

The best frames for this style are classic, simple and balanced.


The eclectic interior is bright, cultural and artistic. The overall feel is rich and relaxing, with an abundance of colors and patterns. Plants are essential to create the earthy vibe and distressed pieces add character to this style.

This style is the ultimate opposite of the minimalistic design styles. It is a mix of textures, time periods, styles, trends, colors, ... all coming together in harmony.

Frames for this interior call attention to the space. Create a mixture of colors and styles to add to the eclecticism.


Don't mistake this style with the nautical style. The nautical style has the seashells and anchors and the likes. But the coastal style is so much more than that.

This style is all about creating a light, breezy feel with just a touch of beach. This equals the use of natural light, soft tones and a clean aesthetic.

White is predominant, with touches of soft blues and greens. Also important is the use of natural elements. Such as wicker furniture, seagrass rugs, and white-washed wood.

To enhance this theme, choose wooden, light and natural frames.


The use of natural materials, antiques and a neutral palette with rich-colored accents creates a charming interior that is warm, and full of character.

This style can be a combination of the rustic and the traditional style. But it can also become more modern by adding touches from the modern and industrial styles. Or make it shabby-chic by adding grays and creams, and lace.

In terms of frames, light wooden is the way to go. It will accentuate the artwork while complementing the rest of the interior.


In this interior design style, the emphasis lies on a rugged, natural beauty. It focuses on simple and earthy colors, on nature-inspired textures and an unpretentious organic warmth.

The style is defined by the use of raw materials like stone and unfinished wood. It rejects many aspects of modern design. You won't find clean, straight lines in this interior, no geometric patterns or bright accents. Instead you will find leather, woods, and antiques with a warm color palette.

Again, wood frames will work best. However, you might want to try to find frames contrasting with the existing wood elements, to accentuate the artwork.


Think back to the classic European decor during the 18th and 19th centuries. That's the traditional design style.

It is characterized by intricate tile and wooden floor patterns, wooden paneling and moldings, elegant furniture and antiques, and a neutral palette with rich tones for furniture and accents. It exudes elegance and comfort. The important aspects here are symmetry, organized around a focal point.

As always, wood frames work great. Especially when used as centerpiece. You might also consider a thinner metal frame, when used in a larger gallery. This ads a bit of contrasting shine.

Now that you know what frames complement your interior, let's head over to my portfolio so you can envision the combination of my work, your favorite frame style and your interior!


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