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black room with brown sofa and photo frame of a horse head
white room with fire place and white chairs and black and white photo of horse main on the wall
black room with green chairs and photo frame of woman with grey horse

Bespoke products

How would it feel to sit in your living room, reading a book, and be able to enjoy

the beautiful wall art of your horse?


Can you imagine having a stunning piece in your home office? Every time you take

a break, you can dream about going to the barn later and spending time with

your horse.

I offer personalized wall art products to fully enjoy your images. You choose the images you love the most, and I will make sure you have the art you will want to showcase in your home.

I also offer a beautifully unique album to proudly display on your coffee table.

older woman with grey hair and blue shirt with a bay horse with white blaze

"Caroline is so accommodating and easy to work with. She offers suggestions,

then allows candid moments to occur

and captures them beautifully.

I was so impressed with the quality

and creativity of the finished angles

and lighting; each photo captured a story of fond memories."

- Patty

Amalfi Panel

Wall Art

Your image is printed on a handmade cotton Amalfi paper mat. The combination of the sleek panel and the authentic paper ensures that the  Amalfi panel complements both modern and classic interiors. 

The Amalfi panel is a unique work of art, classy and elegant, and will most definitely

be an eye-catcher in your home. 

This beautiful piece can be a single statement in your home, showcasing your favorite image. Or you can opt for a collection of favorite images, creating a visual narrative.

Canvas Pro

A most classic way of artistic printing but everything but classic. 

The cotton fabric is made from a natural fiber that, unlike polyester imitations, doesn't stretch over time. The deep colors, with exceptional accuracy, make for a print that will not fade over time. And there is the texture of the canvas, so soft to the touch, and completely anti-glare.  

All this adds up to pure perfection that will do right by your images.

This piece can also be hung as a single showstopper, or combined to create a collection. 

Favola Album


The Favola Album has a vintage feel that transcends time and trends. 

The luxury leather wrap protects the album, which is hand-bound and hand-made with cotton paper. The organic materials create a magical look and feel.

The rich textures and the high-quality materials make each handcrafted piece truly unique.

There are two binding options for this album. You can choose for flush mount or Japanese binding.


The Showcase is handmade in solid oak wood, and available in two different finishings.


The box can store up to 20 matted prints. A sliding acrylic lid protects the prints and transforms the box into a standing frame.

Ready to start planning your photo session with me?

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