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I'm Caroline, your inclusive photographer

I was born and raised in Belgium, I've lived in the USA for 9 years, and I now live in Switzerland. I can also regularly be found in the Piemonte region of Italy.


I've always loved photography but I started taking it seriously four years ago while living in the USA.

I am self-taught but I continuously keep learning through workshops and specialized courses from renowned institutions and photographers.

Over the years, I developed a very personal photography style, which is very different from the current mainstream style of light, airy, and very edited. My photos are rather dark and moody, but also very honest. I am an avid ally of equity and I try to implement this as much as possible in my portrait photography.

My fine art photography is fully customizable. I work with a renowned framer in the Zürich area. Any artwork can be completely tailored to your wishes.  


A few years ago I discovered that I absolutely love horses. So my other passion is equine photography sessions. I love to capture the love between a horse and their human.

Organisations I support

causes i care about

Equity is something that is very dear to me.

Therefore I donate a percentage of my profit to local causes.

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