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Caroline Nijs Photography with one of her horses
Caroline Nijs Photography with her german shepherd in mountains, photo by Kati Photography and Film Zürich
Caroline Nijs Photography wearing white sweater agains dark wall, photo by Kati Photography and Film Zürich

I'm originally from Belgium, with a 9-year stint in the USA and since 2021 based in Switzerland, and I spend a lot of time in the Piemonte region of Italy.


I've always loved photography but I started taking it seriously four years ago while living in the USA.

I specialize in equine, fine art, and lifestyle boudoir photography, and I believe in the power of capturing authentic moments and turning them into timeless art.

My journey into professional photography started in 2020, while living in the USA. Our horses were my constant muses, and their beauty and grace led me to capture countless images.

Encouraged by my mentor, I decided to transform this hobby into a profession.

a woman with short red hair, jeans and tanktop, in a dry pasture with her chestnut young horse, who is bending around her to smell her butt :-)

Horses have been instrumental in shaping my mental health, in accepting and dealing with my neurodivergence. And so the deep connection between humans and horses always stirs my heart. It's a unique bond, transcending species and language. To me, capturing this bond isn't just about creating visually pleasing images. It's about documenting a heartfelt relationship into an artwork that carries a deeper meaning than just a decorative piece for your home.

Upon moving to Switzerland, I felt drawn to include lifestyle boudoir photography in my offerings. In today's society, people are often judged based on their physical appearance or their ‘atypical’ behavior, which can greatly impact our self-perception and our self-acceptance. I've found that lifestyle boudoir shoots can be a transformative experience in challenging these perceptions.

A boudoir session is more than just a photoshoot. It can be an empowering journey that will boost your confidence and change the way you see yourself. The images captured during these sessions serve as a tangible reminder of your strength, ready to be revisited whenever you need a boost of self-assurance.



As a fine art photographer, I encourage people to look beyond the obvious. I want my photos to provoke thought and curiosity, to make you question what you're seeing and why I've chosen to portray it in such a manner. It's all about finding beauty in unexpected places and exploring new perspectives.

Over the years, I developed a very personal photography style, which is quite different from the current mainstream style of light, airy, and very edited. My photos are rather dark and moody, but also very honest, as I do not edit your appearance. This distinctive style is a true reflection of my artistic vision, capturing the world's raw beauty and the authenticity of each moment.


I would love for you to allow me to create not just photographs, but memories filled with authenticity, emotion, and beauty. Together, we can create art that resonates deeply with you.


Organisations I support

causes i care about

Equity is something that is very dear to me.

Therefore I donate a percentage of my profit to local causes. Should you wish, you can let me know to which cause you would like me to donate part of my proceeds from your session.

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