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Digital Space 5 Exhibition

The Digital Space juried exhibition is hosted by the Saginaw Valley State University and is open to artists residing in the state Michigan. The pieces have to be created using a digital imaging device and/or a digital imaging program, and can be either two- or three-dimensional.

I am not good at following which exhibitions call for entries. The first time I submitted artwork, my mentor had to tell me about it. Same for this one. Since then, I have entered a few of my own but that's a story for another blog post 😄.

I entered 3 pieces, 2 got selected.

The first image I called "Lost My Marbles".

At the time of taking this image, I did not have fancy lighting gear. So the light is coming from a simple flashlight. And the background, a simple baking sheet. Not having studio equipment sure makes you inventive 😄

I got the remark that it is a bit of a bummer that the white marble on the lower left is a bit blurry but, personally, I am happy it is because it adds to the feeling the title suggest. There's also an overall feeling of motion, as if the marbles were in the process of rolling out of the image, enhanced by the diagonal of the shadow.

I had it printed by my favorite local printer on glossy metal, with a black float frame. I forgot to take a picture before I dropped off the pieces at the art center but it is just gorgeous!

still life photography marbles on metal

The second image is "Luminescence"

I was walking around in our woods when I came across this very fine weed that had shed its seeds on the fresh snow.

Instead of focusing on the weed itself, I decided the seeds were much more interesting, as the seemed a bit translucent.

Again, printed by RCP Artist Services, on matte metal with a grey float frame. Beautiful!

nature photography seeds on snow

Both of these images were taken as a part of our bi-weekly critique group. That group started out as a photography class from our local art center. When the pandemic hit, we moved to virtual class. And we just never stopped getting together virtually to talk about each others photos.

I am definitely going to miss this group but I doubt I'll manage to get up in the middle of night 😄

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