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Rise Up! 52-week Photo Challenge with Shelley Paulson - week 45 to 52

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

Two updates in a row because we're nearing the end of the 52-week challenge!

Let's not waste time on chit chat 😉

Week 45 : Patterns

I was looking around the house, in search of patterns. I had already a few good images but then I saw this while walking the next flight down. And I really liked the way it looked, the combination of diagonal lines with the staircase pattern.

I wasn't sure whether to chose black and white or not. But after looking at it for too long, I decided that the color of the banister added just a tad bit extra to the entire image.

abstract photography staircase
1/80 f11 iso1600

Week 46 : Funny

It isn't allowed but I took this one with my iPhone because I desperately needed something for this challenge.

This toy is like a blankie for our dog. We play tug of war with it, but she also uses it to self-soothe. And then she falls asleep like this ☺️.

Tierfotografie hund mit spielzeug
1/35 f1.6 iso500

Week 47 : High key


At all.

But that's why it's a challenge.

I did not want to photograph the hundredth high key flower, you know. So I started thinking what else is white. Well, our walls. But what to put in front of them. I then I got it! Our daughter's Tae Kwon Do uniform is white too. So I asked her to do some moves for me in front of the white walls. Luckily she still likes to pose for me 😮‍💨. I tried with a fast shutter speed first but it wasn't all that. So I decided to capture the movement instead. And I think it turned out great. Not a single thing is sharp but for me, it perfectly shows what I had in mind: show a girl practicing her Tae Kwon Do kick.

mädchen taekwondo porträtfotografie
1/15 f7.1 iso250

Week 48 : Architecture

Lots of beautiful architecture in Switzerland.

But again, I knew many were going to submit beautiful buildings and I just felt like being contrary again.

I was letting out the dogs and when I looked down I saw this pattern in the tiles combined with the heating vent. I thought it would work well, because after all, that is architecture too.

After looking at this image on my screen, I activated the roomba 😂. I spent easily half an hour on editing out all the dog hairs 😳.

tile floor abstract photography

Week 49 : Camera movement

This cactus has been on my list to photograph. It's a bit small for the flower pot and kind of drowns in it but it makes it a bit more interesting than it would otherwise be.

I decided it would be the perfect object for this challenge. I would take the round shape of both pot and cactus and emphasize that shape with my camera movements.

In post processing I found it all a bit too round so I decided to counter that with my crop.

I also noticed the diagonal lines in post processing and I really liked how it somehow increases the idea of movement.

camera movement still life photography
ISO50 f8 2.5s

Week 50 : Shoot from above

For this challenge, I decided to celebrate that I finally found a horse trainer willing to give me riding lessons, despite that I don't understand Swiss German and barely speak German.

It fits, because that is a challenge in itself 😄.

I thought I would place the boots on the pavers at our front door because I like the slight curve they make. The curve and the tip of the shoes point in the same direction. Kind of symbolizing the fact that everything is starting to go in the right direction for our life in Switzerland.

dirty riding shoes on pavers still life photography pferde produktfotografie
ISO640 f6.3 1/50

Week 51 : Faceless self-portrait

I really did not have time that week but I honestly can't remember why.

In any case, I still had physical therapy twice a week back then and when I walked there, I noticed that there was snow on the ground AND fall leaves. I found that a bit odd and special. And then I noticed the line of the snow against the pavement and how my leg followed that.

So there you go, faceless self-portrait with my signature red running shoes 🤣.

Red running shoe fall leaves snow
ISO40 f1.6 1/120

Week 52 : Everyday beauty

My morning tea!

Everyday beauty to me 😌

And that was it for this year. I am so proud of myself that I submitted on time every week. And not only for this group but for another one as well. But that is for another story 😁.


Head over to my contact page to leave me a message or ask any question you have. Upon leaving your email, I will send you a welcome sequence with all you need to know about horse photography.


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