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MI Artist All-State Juried Exhibition 2020

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

On my own business and entering for exhibitions

When I started taking photography lessons at our Midland Center for the Arts, I never imagined that I would have my own photography business a scant year later. I certainly never imaged getting selected for the MI Artist All-State Juried Exhibition in 2020.

Sure, I've always liked taking pictures. And if I'm honest, I took a few pretty good ones in the last year too.

I want to start my own business but is it wise?

I the eternal procrastinator, filled with self-doubt. Before starting my own business, I of course did the work of making a business plan, figuring out all the necessary legal stuff, and whatnot.But when it comes to having the confidence of making the actual step, I was notoriously lacking. I asked my husband many times, I think he just went on automatic pilot after while, poor guy 😊.

I also scheduled an appointment with my mentor. And after showing him my portfolio, I asked his opinion on starting my own horse portrait photography business. He was very adamant that I would succeed. And then was the last nudge I needed!

The excitement of entering exhibitions

He also talked about entering competitions quite a bit but I never seriously considered that.

Until he mentioned it again in our critique class. And I thought, "why the heck not!!".

There's this art center in the next town over that hosts a yearly exhibition for artists all over Michigan. All art forms can enter.

I paid my entry fee, choose the 3 best images I took until now that I thought would work for an exhibition ... and I waited.

And then there was the email from the curator...

Of the nearly 300 art pieces that were entered, 80 were chosen...

I was one of them 🙃

Here's the link to the ones that made it:

Take a look because there are all pretty amazing.

We went to the actual exhibition and the photos of the art don't do it justice.

And I already admitted it, but I will say it again. Seeing your work in an exhibition, no matter how big or small, is pretty amazing ☺️

My favorites:

Artist Debra LaRocque Nest #51 Acrylic on Canvas. 30"x40"

Artist Gregg Barckholtz~From the Depths~ Photograph~20"x30"

Artist Rosemary Kavanagh Afghanistan Dress Oil on Canvas 60"x40"


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