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What to wear for your equine photo session

woman with Arabian mix horse

You've decided that you want to book me for photo session with your horse. Great! I'm thrilled! And so are you 😊.

But you have so many questions. And while we do have a pre-session consultation booked, you already started researching.

And now that you think about it, what are you going to wear??

How to style your photo session

First of all, I assume you have some idea of what you want your images to look like. Maybe you have a theme in mind. Or maybe you just don't know and that's fine too. We'll discover together what it is exactly that you want to capture with this photo session.

Decide on the concept

Because the concept is the basis of you photo session. Everything else depends on it. It will determine the style of your clothing, the coloring and the mood of the images.

The concept can be anything. It can be a stylish session for you and your horse, or documenting day to day life on the farm. Or maybe you want to highlight a special moment in your life. It can be anything you want.

But remember, no matter what you decide upon, you and your horse should be comfortable at all times.

Visualise the concept

So, we have the concept down. Now, how are we going to accomplish visualizing this concept? We do this by finding the best location, looking at backgrounds and scenery, but also by aligning your outfit with your concept.

girl with mustang horse

There are a few different styles to consider: casual, casual-smart, smart, glamorous and western. I talk about each of them in more detail in my welcome guide.

Which style is perfect for the concept of your photo session?

The casual style is easy, just your everyday wear: comfy top, jeans, shoes. Nothing fancy.

The next option is the casual-smart style: it is basically a step up from your everyday outfit. A more stylish top, a less faded jeans or a nice fitted pants, and nice shoes. Or perhaps you can wear those beautiful breeches with the nice technical shirt and your riding boots.

Then there's the smart style. For this you'll break out your Sunday outfit or your competition riding outfit.

Fourth is the western style. Bring out those sparkly jeans, the buckle belt and the cowboy boots!

And for the really special occasions: the glamorous style. Yes, you can go all out here. Bring your prom dress, that magnificent ball gown or even your wedding dress! Or whatever you have in mind that is simply over the top. Let's do it!


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