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Through rain, snow, and fog: the beauty in bad weather horse photography

Let’s talk about one of the most common questions of photography clients: ‘What if the weather sucks?’

And because most clients want portraits with their horses in nice weather, the answer I will give is ‘We can reschedule’.

But what if you would be open to less common portraits? To portraits that have an extra dimension? To portraits that suggest you and your horse are in it together, for better or worse?

That is when I sit up and take notice. Because to some photographers that is like music to their ears. And I am one of them.

Discovering the beauty of horses in bad weather

Horses are known for their elegance and strength, traits that have fascinated people for ages.

Picture them in a snowfall, covered in a delicate covering of white. Or the rain flowing down their bodies, highlighting the muscles under their wet coats. These scenes captivate professional horse photographers, because it adds depth to our work.

Capturing the essence of your horse

It’s the unexpected moments that really show how magnificent horses are. Like the water droplets on their eyelashes, the steam from their nostrils on a chilly day, or the way their mane moves in the wind on a stormy day - each of these tell a story in a photo. A heavy fog may obscure the full view of you and your horse, but it imparts the mystery and grandeur that comes from knowing how powerful your horse is.

Can you imagine a portrait of you and your horse battling the elements together? How special would that be!

A portrait of strength and resilience

When it comes to a professional horse photoshoot in bad weather, the objective is not merely to check an item of the list, it’s about creating a narrative. The narrative of the journey of you and your horse navigating the ups and downs you undoubtedly experienced.

Experience horse photography in a whole new light

When a camera captures the rain or snow, the images can be truly magical. This type of weather adds a unique touch of melancholy to the photos, making them even more captivating and beautiful.

2 horses and a mule standing in the snow, only their rumps are visible, they are lined up in a row

Experiencing the magic of the moment

Next time you think about rescheduling your photoshoot with your horse photographer, I would urge you to reconsider.

The sun might give your horse that beautiful glow, which is absolutely stunning. But these other moments create the most unforgettable pictures, telling a richer story than a sunny day portrait ever could.

Exploring photography beyond the surface

Recognizing that unfavorable weather is not necessarily a bad thing is a step towards embracing a unique style of equestrian art. Engaging with this different perspective brings your portraits to life in ways that surpass the regular images you receive from your equine photoshoot. The images will show the true connection with your horse in a more dramatic way, thus adding more meaning to the deeper bond with your horse.

Don't turn away from bad weather: your photographer loves it

And so will you 😊

So, next time bad weather is predicted for the day of your photoshoot, instead of rescheduling, think about the unique beauty it might add to your portraits. The unique circumstances might be

a brown mule and an appaloosa horse standing in a foggy pasture. The mule is looking backwards. the mule is standing in front of the appaloosa

ideal to capture images that reflect nature’s chaotic harmony in your images.

Professional horse photography is an art that can amaze us by uncovering the extraordinary in everyday moments. Get ready to see rainy days and misty mornings in a new light.

Your equine portraits, even in challenging conditions, could turn out to be the most majestic ones you’ve seen.

Intrigued and want to discuss this further? Or maybe you have a superb idea? Get in touch! Really, I’d love to hear from you!

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