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4 reasons to print your favorite photos

Updated: Dec 30, 2023

Are you still on the fence whether you really need to print your favorite images from the photo shoot you had with your horse?

Let me give you 4 reasons why you really should. And I'll throw in a few extra to convince you even more.

The 4 reasons I mention above

I mentioned these in a previous blog post but I wanted to elaborate on them a little more.

Professional prints are timeless

Your photographer, if you have chosen the right one, works with a professional printing lab. That's because every self-respecting photographer cares about how their work is showcased.

metal print of dog black background pet photography
Metal print with backing of choice

We care about the way we shoot, we pay attention how the light hits the scene, how it is framed, how we can best capture the emotion. We spend time in post-processing to edit out little annoyances, to make sure the colors and brightness bring out the best in the image.

So it is only natural that we care about how all our hard work is represented in printed form, whether it be an album, a wall art piece or a small decoration for your desk or mantel. We are adamant about maintaining the same level of expertise and quality that we have used during your photo session.

Therefor, we choose a professional printing lab based on the quality of their products and the consistency of their prints, going from the quality and the range of the paper/metal/canvas/... to the image reproduction (sharpness, colors, tones, ...). The people working at these professional labs are proud of their work, they spend time evaluating the image in order to find the best way to process it, they know the chemicals, the software and the hardware they work with inside out. They care. And these products, with the proper care, are meant to last for years and years and ... .

You simply cannot get that quality from the big box store, or even the online store, you use to print your vacation shots. Their printers are of poor quality, their software does whatever it wants with your images without anyone reviewing them, and their paper quality is below par. You could just as well buy some photo paper and print on your home computer, it might even turn out better.

I care very deeply about the photography art prints I offer. I have ordered many samples from different labs before deciding on the range I have now. I know they are top quality and that you will be thrilled with whatever you choose. And because I have each product hanging in my gallery, I know what they feel like. Which means I can expertly advise you on which product would work best for your image and your interior.

Prints allow you to touch and feel your memories

Fine art photography prints become a part of your life. They come to life, eliciting emotions you would otherwise not be able to feel, because digital files merely live a ghostly existence.

We all know that our beloved four-legged companions don't stay with us forever. This can be because of changing life circumstances or, unfortunately, passing away. In these cases, having those cherished memories in a tangible form is priceless. I look at my Sophie every day. Even though she could not make the intercontinental move with us, she is with me every day. And every time I look at this amazing piece of framed wall art, made by RCP in Michigan, a different memory comes up.

The same goes for an album. How precious is it not to look through an album, reminiscing alone or with loved ones, sharing stories.

Or how about a photo box, where you can change the photo according to your wishes and display them on your mantle.

photo box with photo of girl and horse pferdefotografie
Photo box with 10 prints

It doesn't always have to be about sad memories.

It can also be about a horse that grows with you. I had a client in the United States who booked me for a shoot with her two year old gelding. How fun would it be for her to have another photoshoot in a few years! It would be amazing to see their growth, emotional as well as physical.

Or how about kids who grow together with their horses? Documenting that journey and having it on display in your home, sharing it with friends and family, is just invaluable.

Prints are ever-present reminders of what is important in life

Unlike digital files, that only offer that fleeting excitement when, or should I say if, we scroll through them. Let's be honest here, how often are you scrolling through your photo feed on your phone or computer? Uhuh, not too often, right?! So why do you even want those digital files? You are most likely not going to print them, because by the time you have a free moment, you'll have forgotten about them.

I give my clients a social media digital file for every image in their product order. Just so you can share them with friends and family online. And that's just about all we do with those digital files.

Now, when you have wall art made from your photo session, that is of a whole other level again. That will offer a satisfaction that digital files can never achieve.

A beautiful album, or a framed print that adds to your home decor, those are the things that inspire us, comfort us and remind us what is important to us.

Prints offer a stronger experience

As I mentioned before, prints stay with you, they become part of your daily life. Unlike digital files that are gone when you keep scrolling and ultimately, easily forgotten about.

On the other hand, you can close that album but it will still be there on the shelf, ready for you to pick up whenever you want to pick it up. And when you make wall art from those prints, that too would be of a whole other order than digitals. Both offer a gratification that is so much more fulfilling than occasionally browsing through digital files.

Don't get me wrong, digital files are awesome in the greater process of creating the experience. And there is definitely joy in looking at them. But in the end, it's the image that you choose to create wall art from that creates the quintessential, real-life experience.

I read this quote online and really love it: "A photo that isn't printed is like a script that is never performed, or a musical composition that is never played."

Wall art with handmade paper and backing of choice Wandbild
Wall art with handmade paper and backing of choice

And then some ...

I mentioned the 4 reasons that are most important to me above. But there are obviously quite a few more. I'll quickly sum up a couple of them for you below.

Technology is not fail-safe

We've all been there. Your hard drive gives you one last scary death rattle and then fries.

You've lost everything.

You could try to call your photographer and ask if they still have them somewhere. Most likely they won't. We can't keep the digital files of all our clients forever. I state in my contract that I keep them for 2 years.

The simplest solution however? Order products instead of digital files. A beautiful wall collection, a gorgeous album, a framed print for your desk, ... . I can go on and on, but these are the things that stay. A good professional photographer will have a nice product range to choose from. And most of us are always willing to accommodate your request should you not find what you desire in our product range.

The digital graveyard

I've said it before and I'll say it again: digital images disappear in your feed. You forget which folder they are in. We are buried in digital images in daily life with the never ending stream of internet and social media. A framed print is an anchor of peace and quiet in your life.

Awesome wall decor

And have I mentioned the added value that photography wall art brings to your home decor?

We all know that pictures on your walls transform a house into a home. A good photographer will also help you with the decision making, so that your printed memories complement your interior decoration perfectly. We also work close together with framing professionals so that we can find the best match for your piece.

Sharing is caring

Yes, we all love great images on our social media, the more likes, the better. Guilty as charged here.

But what about grandma?

Mine lives in a tiny assisted living studio. Everyone else gave her flower arrangements for her 100th birthday. I gave her a little album with images of her birthday party. Guess which she preferred? The flowers are long gone, my album is on her cupboard.

Pferdefotografie close up of horse eye print on artisanal paper
Album with artisanal paper and leather wrap

Also, there's absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to show off your awesome horse. Just hang that magnificent wall collection in a central place in your living room. Or in your office. And it's a great icebreaker too 😊.

I truly hope that you now understand why I insist on offering wall art and other products instead of digital files. It's all about the experience!


Head over to my contact page to leave me a message or ask any question you have about a photo session with me.

Or if you leave your email below, I'll send you a welcome sequence with all you need to know about horse photography.


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