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Generation Z

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

Starting over - again

What happened?

Back in 2005 I promised "... in good times and in bad ...". Well, not sure if I promised exactly that because, for the life of me, I can't remember what the mayor said.

wedding, photography
My goodness, we didn't have the funds for a professional photographer and in every single photo, the feet are cut off 😱😆

Anyway, the last few weeks I consider to be "bad times". When my husband came home with this news, I sank into a downward spiral.

I really did not want to move to Switzerland.

Mental health

In the last few years, I've discovered that I need space, peace and calm around me to stay mentally healthy. And I discovered that horses help me to stay grounded.

Both of those I will have to give up when moving to Switzerland. I've scoured the real estate sites, looking for acceptable acreage but there's just nothing to be found. Well, nothing that we can afford anyway. So realizing that I'll have to give up my quiet, little horse farm was rather devastating.


On top of that, my newly started horse photography business has just started to take off, after a rough start during this Covid19 mess. And now I will have to restart from scratch, on a different continent, in a country with a language I do not speak nor understand.


A few days ago I was talking to our boarder. She's a 20 year old, so not a ton of life experience. We were talking about what a year 2020 was and also about the fact that it was so damn hard for me to sell our home.

And then she said, and I paraphrase (because she doesn't use foul language, not in my presence anyway 😄): "It's been a shitty weird year, but at least we are still alive, we can still feed ourselves and ride horses and do other things".

I've been thinking about that in the days following that conversation. And I realized that sometimes age and experience makes you rusty, too set in your ways, and downright spoiled.

Sometimes you need the fresh approach of a Gen Z-er to set you straight 😊.


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