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What is the fuss about professional horse photography?

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

Equestrian Photography - Why it is important you have equine portraits with your horse

Think for a moment about all that you and your horse have achieved as a team.

Maybe you got your horse as a foal, maybe it was already a bit older, maybe it was a project horse, or a husband horse. It doesn’t matter.

Just remember the hard work, the sweaty shows, the tedious braiding, the heart-attack-worthy trail rides, and so much more!

close up of a horse's neck with a braided mane

Now think about the moments that you’ve just leaned over the fence to say hi, kissing your horse’s nose, touching foreheads.

Think about the relaxed walks in the woods, quietly alone or full of laughter with like-minded friends.

Remember the times that you just spent time in their stall, doing nothing, just bonding in the moment?

Can you feel it?

Now, how would you feel about capturing those feelings and memories with a tailored photoshoot?

That’s right!

That, that feeling right there, is why you need to do a photoshoot with a professional horse portrait photographer.

Below, I’ll summarize the 5 most important reasons for horse and rider portrait photography.

redhaired girl with bay horses in forest in autumn, the horse's head is leaning down to the girl's hands

1. You get to perpetuate those special moments

You and your horse are a team. A team that has gone through a bonding odyssey filled with love, laughter, and frustration. A team that, over time, has grown together and will keep on doing that in the future.

And yes, physically you grow older together too.

But more meaningfully, mentally. The both of you are going on an exciting journey together. You fall down together and you lift each other up. Going through all those phases together is an incredible gift.

But if not documented, those heartfelt moments are lost and, however sad it may be, you will never get them back. You have only your memories to fall back on. Unfortunately, those fade too.

How great would it be, if you had visual mementos of that amazing journey! You would be able to go back anytime and say “Oh, remember when …?!”. It’s irrelevant how small those moments in time might seem to others. To you and your horse, it was grand. And rightfully so.

So don’t miss out on that opportunity.

Man, sitting in autumn woods, with Belgian draft horse, the horse's head is leaning towards the man and the man is smiling

2. You get to have an inspiring experience!

Don’t worry if you’re not into the whole posing, dressing up, … thing that always makes people anxious when they think about photo sessions.

Because I’ve got you covered. We talk about all of this beforehand in my pre-consultation session. You will know everything that will happen, the entire how-what-when-where.

And by the end of this adventure, you will know all about horse photography poses, color coordinating (take a fun quiz here), outfit combinations (check out this store), which tack to use for your session, … .

And if you’re still a bit nervous, remember that all my clients have told me they actually had great fun from the moment we started the session!

It is my job as an equestrian photographer to make you feel at ease and I promise you, I take my job very seriously.

And if you do like posing? Well!! Then we’ll have an entirely different experience!

No matter what, we’ll create an unforgettable experience together. And you can take that literally. Because you’ll have the amazing artwork to look at each day!

Little girl, with eyes closed, kisses her gypsy cob horse on the nose

3. It’s time to treat yourself to professionally made equine portraits

Selfies are fine. They’re instant, they’re absolute fun. Most of the time they look awful but they’re all about the in-the-moment sentiment. They also have a tendency to get lost in the camera roll on your cell phone. Somewhere between the 50 thousand other horse pics you took last week (I speak from experience …).

But every now and then, it’s time to get the works done and have your portraits taken professionally. You do it with your family for the Christmas cards, so why not with your horse?! As I mentioned above, you grow as a pair and I truly believe it’s worth it to record that journey.

By doing a portrait session, you not only get the sentiment, you also get superb quality and wall-worthy artwork.

girl, leaning against fence, with horse leaning with his head against her

4. Home decor to pine for

Talking about wall-worthy, this experience will result in stunning artwork of you and your horse. No more generic, meaningless fake horse paintings on the walls! Instead, you get to look at YOUR horse every day! Who wouldn’t want that!!

You could choose a single, smashing piece that will make a bold statement in your home. Or you can decide upon a wall display to go in the stairway or wherever else you would like it.

And there’s not only wall art, you can also get a photo box for your mantel. Or a stylish album that you can put on your coffee table. Or, why not, take to the barn to show off to your barn family?!

You’ll be the star of the day!

There are endless possibilities and a good equine photographer will help you with those sometimes difficult decisions. Because we are not only good at taking equine imagery, we also have an eye for interior design.

In fact, it will be discussed in the pre-consultation session whether you have certain expectations or wishes. You can just give me a photo of your room and some measurements and I will keep all this in mind during the photoshoot.

Showcase, a wooden box with matted images inside, visible through a clear lid, ideal to showcase photos

5. You get quality for your money

Yes, you can have a friend take some pictures, then have those printed in the supermarket around the corner. Or you might even go fancy and order a canvas online.

Either way, I can assure you that they will fade after a few months. They’ll sag, maybe the frame will go crooked, and they’ll start peeling, or whatnot.

And yes, professional photo sessions are anything but cheap. So it’s tempting to do it yourself. But if you invest in a session with a good photographer, you will not only have quality images, you will also have quality wall art. Wall art that - with proper care - will last a lifetime.

pferdefotografie Frau in fließendem Kleid mit kastanienbraunem Pferd


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