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New work area

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

Work space and mental health

Many of us don't realize they are linked. But the actual space you work can have an immense impact on our mental health

New and old photography business office

I wasn't particularly fond of my office in the old house. Don't get me wrong, it was a nice space, quite large, with a lot of windows so it was a very bright room. It had a nice french entry door and a coat closet. The downside of all those windows and doors was that it wasn't easy to organize the furniture in it. So I ended up having to sit with my back to the window, which resulted in pretty bad lighting on my screen during a large part of the day.

Also, it was right under the workspace of my teenager. And I don't like to generalize but mine is a typical teenager: not particularly elegant and very fidgety 😃. I, on the contrary, like my peace and quiet. Misophonia isn't the easiest to navigate when everyone is working/schooling from home.

I shouldn't have complained though.

Now, in the temporary house, this is my new workspace. A corner in the living room 😄. Please forgive me for the bad iPhone-quality photo. I wasn't very organized yet at the time and my gear was all over the place and nowhere to be found.

german shepherd in messy office

Luckily, I get to have it, more or less, all to myself during the day. Husband and daughter are sharing an office. I can't even 🙄😳. Given the fact that my husband is in meetings most of the day, I really admire how they tolerate each other.

But! The light is much better in my new "office". No more glare on my screen. Which is great for editing my images. I used to have to wait until the morning light was gone before getting to the editing part of my day. No more of that!

Preferred colleagues

And the company I have in the living room is awesome 🐕. Our dogs really appreciate having someone around all the time.

It's pretty clear, however, that I have to learn how to keep my desk somewhat clean 😳. Although, I know it isn't always the most organized of spaces but the mess doesn’t affect my productivity. On the contrary, I seem to do better with it. Weirdly enough, a tidy, empty desk distracts me. Every time I put something on it, I feel guilty. So I'm spending more time cleaning it up than actually working.

But after seeing the image above, I realized how bad it truly is. So I scheduled a weekly desk cleaning in my calendar. If not completely empty, I at least want the soda cans and the dirty bowls gone 🤭.

Pinterest is magical

I also created a Pinterest board with ideas for home office organization. I am very visual so I love Pinterest for researching ideas. Google Images just never seems to get me the right results.

And, oh look! Doesn't this look a lot better already! Now if only I could keep it like this 😆.

office space with clean desk


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