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Horse photography on the beautiful beaches of Numana, Italy

A while back I went on a photography tour, taking images of horses in several locations in Italy.

One of the shoots, featured two gypsy cob stallions. The location was the Spiaggia dei Frati in Numana, Marche.

We were up at the crack of dawn, two horses in tow. We parked near the harbor with it’s colorful boats, and walked through the town to the beach.

I found out Numana is very beautiful, but we didn’t have time to go sight-seeing. The morning light was calling.

Creating our beachfront studio

When we arrived at the beach, we quickly got to work. We carefully fenced off a part of the beach that was bordered by a cliff on one side, and the sea on another. It really was the kind of scene you’d want to lock in a picture frame.

We started with one stallion, allowing him to run free so we could capture his graceful movements. He was a sight to see, galloping around like he owned the place.

After about half-hour with our first stallion, we brought out the second stallion. With this new addition, we were able to capture a whole new set of dynamic, powerful moments.

It's moments like these that make photography so rewarding.

silhouette photo of bearded guy on the beach with a horse with a big mane, photo is taken during sunrise

Capturing raw horse power

Then it was time to release the true horse power - letting both stallions run free together. It was amazing to see the interaction between these two powerful animals, their hooves kicking up the sand, their manes flowing in the wind. I took some beautiful images of this awe-inspiring display of natural horse behavior.

Taking the plunge

And then it was time to capture some breathtaking shots of the horses in the water. The images turned out stunning, with splashing water glistening under the sunlight.

What happened next was truly fun. The girls who assisted in herding the horses jumped into the water with them, creating a joyful and playful scene. I also managed to capture some delightful snapshots of their escapades.

Why this horse photography shoot was special?

Among all the photoshoots we had during this trip, this one stood out as one of my favorites. And those stallions? They were absolute rockstars. Their energy and power against the backdrop of the Italian seashore made for some seriously impressive photos.

But beyond the stunning images, this experience was truly special because it was a reminder of how powerful and beautiful nature can be.


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