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Gipsy Cob horses

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

When you're desperate ...

As you will probably all know by now, we moved to Switzerland 🤔☺️.

As you might have read in earlier posts, our farm sold a bit fast, so I had to find a new home for my horse Sophie real quick as well.

I missed (and still miss) her so very much. To counter that a little, back in April, I sent out a model call on my social media, begging people to let me photograph horses. I was so desperate to be around them that I just gave away photo sessions 😳🤭.

... and your support network comes through 💗

This lovely lady had done a photo session with me for my initial model call, back when I was in the startup phase. She said I could come take pictures again, and also, she let me groom the horses and just spend time with them! How nice is that!

The gift of quality time

Christine has two lovely Gypsy Cobs. And they have the greatest hair ever!

First thing we did after I arrived, was grooming them. I think I spent more time with my nose in their fur than actually brushing them. By then Sophie had been gone for a few months, so I was really horse-smell-depraved.

Christine's daughter came to say hi for a while too. She was the main model during the last session. She was a natural, doing a great job showing the connection she had with their two horses, which made for some great images.

This time, it was just Christine and the horses though, since her daughter was supposed to be doing homeschool lessons instead of hanging with Romeo and George.

Some background on the horse breed

I didn't know much about the breed, so I did some research.

Gypsy Vanners (as they are also called) were initially bred to pull the caravans of the Romanichals of Great Britain, who started breeding them around 1850. The current form of this breed was only finalized after WW II. Main characteristics are strength and endurance, calm disposition and the ability to feed on any grass. Their average height is 14.2 hands (147cm). They are intelligent, sensible, gentle and willing.

I can attest to that. George and Romeo were quite willing to pose for me. And one of them even likes to cuddle. In exchange for a treat, obviously 😄.

When we finally got to the session

After the (lengthy because I couldn't get enough) grooming session, we went to the arena. Lighting was not ideal but I did get some nice shots.

Gypsy Cob läuft in einer Reithalle in Michigan pferdefotografie

Then we went outside, in the pasture. Romeo and George were again very willing to pose for me. I can't get over how majestic they look, while at the same time they have a very high cuddleability 😍.

Nahaufnahme des Kopfes eines Gipsy Vanner pferdefotografie
Gipsy Cob auf der Weide in Michigan pferdefotografie
Seitenansicht des Kopfes eines Gipsy Vanner pferdefotografie

Then Christine asked me whether I wanted some running shots. Well, yes please!!

Look at him going!!

Gypsy Cob läuft auf der Weide in Michigan pferdefotografie

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