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Rise Up! 52-week Photo Challenge with Shelley Paulson - week 38 to 44

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

Two updates in a row because we're nearing the end of the 52-week challenge!

Let's not waste time on chit chat 😉

Week 38 : 10:15

I saw the subject of this title and I was like "what now?". But it was actually kind of fun: you only get one chance a day!

I took this one pretty early in the week. I had been admiring the light on these roses for a while now and the lighting just happens to be best around 10:15. Lucky me!

The original background was pretty light so I darkened that to emphasize the light on the rose.

Rose im Sonnenlicht Makrofotografie
ISO80 f10 1/200

Week 39 : Night

For this one also, I new immediately what I wanted to do. Every Tuesday and Thursday, I daughter does Tae Kwon Do. The parking place we use is surrounded by apartment buildings and had noticed earlier that there was one that was rather interesting when the light in the common hallway was switched on. The lights turn off quickly so I had to hurry. I used my 70-200 lens for this.

The perspective was not so great so I had to correct that in post processing. I didn't get it perfect but it's the best I can do.

The white balance is this image was completely off too: these buildings are white, not blue. But it was late at night and I usually adjust that in post processing anyway. However, for this image I kept the "wrong" white balance because I really liked it.

beleuchtete Fenster im Mehrfamilienhaus straßenfotografie
ISO1600 f2.8 1/60

Week 40 : 50 steps from your door

I'll be honest, I did not like this challenge. There's just nothing interesting 50 steps from my door. I was seriously going to give up when we heard this incredible noise outside. I was wondering what the hell was going on when my husband yelled: "bring your camera and come outside!!".

Unfortunately I had the wrong lens on there and everything was going really fast, too fast to go change it. I like the image below best. It looks like one determined cow, ready to go home to the barn.

This is called an Alpabzug, usually a big event in many towns in Switzerland but because of Covid, many are canceled or not advertised. I am following every account my city has and I did not see this announced so I am assuming they did not advertise either.

Anyway, an Alpabzug is where they bring the cows down from the mountain grazing pastures before fall starts. The shepherds walk them through the streets and people cheer/drink/socialize and there's always a market to buy local goods. I'm really looking forward to attending a full-sized one next year!

Alpabzuf Schwyz straßenfotografie
ISO100 f6.3 1/1000

Week 41 : Food

This was not a good week for me.

I got bucked of my horse and consequently decided not to buy it. I felt awful and was worrying that I would not be able to go hiking with my American friend who would be visiting the next week. I also still had a lot to prepare for that visit.

The only good thing about this week was that it was also my birthday. So eating out very well and getting gifts.

So you see, I really did not have much time to spend on this challenge.

While I was sitting in my hanging chair, with my butt on ice, I noticed the cherry tomatoes growing in a container. I figured that was food too so I limped inside to get my camera.

Kirschtomaten Naturfotografie
ISO100 f6.3 1/400

Week 42 : Sunrise or sunset

My German friend who lives in the USA was visiting us this week. So I really didn't have much time to take photos for this challenge. We are both not morning persons and in the evenings we were too busy chatting. So I only had a few opportunities after she left. And then the weather did not cooperate and I only had one opportunity left. I had set my camera on my night stand, proactive thinking! This shot is taken from our bed, looking out the balcony door, which conveniently looks out on the east.

I felt bad after all for being so lazy so I got up anyway. I went to the attic and got another shot. It was nice too but I decided this was a little more out of the box thinking, not just another traditional sunrise.

Sonnenaufgang vom Fenster Naturfotografie
ISO1600 f5 1/200

Week 43 : Low key

Now, I am in a bit of a rut lately, but this is one is right up my alley!

I figured I would put my new addiction to work: I thought this dark red from my Le Creuset items would be very nice to use for this challenge. Once again I used my beloved black backdrop, with one light from more or less above.

Le Creuset vor schwarzem Hintergrund Stilllebenfotografie
ISO500 f3.0 1/80

Week 44 : Eyes

We were on vacation in Italy during this challenge and I honestly kept forgetting about it 😱. So on the last day, I decided to take the challenge literally and figuratively. It's "through the eye of the photographer" while also photographing the eye of the photographer.

Mädchen das ein Foto macht Porträtfotografie
ISO320 f1.6 1/60

See you soon with another week of Rise Up Challenge photos!

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