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Rise Up! 52-week Photo Challenge with Shelley Paulson - week 19 to 25

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

I am so hopelessly behind with posting about this photography challenge!

So let me just dive in!

Week 19 : In Your Yard

We were still living in Michigan at this time. I was still heartbroken (yes, I'm being dramatic 😁) over having to leave all this behind. Instead of taking photos of flowers and stuff, I wanted to depict a feeling. My husband and I liked to talk walk in the woods with the dogs after work. Elle, our German Shepherd loved playing in the creek. She tried to clean up all the branches in it, getting cutely frustrated when they were stuck.

Landschaftsfotografie Sonnenuntergang über Bach im Wald
1/400 ISO250 f5.6

Week 20 : Pairs

We adopted Arabella (the tortoiseshell one) as a barn cat four years ago. She was mostly feral and stayed hidden for a year. Then she started warming up to us. She is now an adorable barn cat that loves to snuggle. I spent a lot of hours in the hay barn, sitting on the hay with Arabella on my lap.

Marathon was truly feral but with a lot of patience, we were able to pet him. Picking him up or sitting on our lap was not an option yet but I'm sure the neighbors (who adopted them when we left) will get there in no time.

I decided on them for this challenge because they truly like to spend time with each other. They're like a tolerant big sister with a rascal little brother.

Haustierfotografie zwei spielende Scheunenkatzen
1/250 ISO125 f5.0

Week 21 : Levitation

At the time of this challenge, I was editing 3 model calls, we had several home showings, and on top of that, the movers were packing our stuff. I really had no time left to go out and shoot.

So I decided to work with what I had going on around the house. I am pretty sure the movers wished it were that easy 😄.

There's room for improvement with the lighting on the boxes and their shadows: they are anything but consistent with the rest of the image.

Kisten fliegen in Umzugswagen
1/640 ISO100 f3.5

Week 22 : Opposites

I cheated for this week's challenge. We are supposed to take the photos with our camera, not with our phones. But we were still very busy with the move/house sale. It was a RAW image though!

I took this image when we had left the house for a showing. I liked this nature vs concrete theme. Unfortunately the image is a bit soft. I assume I did not focus in the right spot with my phone camera.

I got the feedback to try it in black/white and I did. It's nice too but I think I prefer the color version.

pinecone on concrete

Week 23 : Soft

Because we were getting very close to the move, we were even stricter than ever about leaving the house. After all, we needed that negative PCR test to be able to fly. And getting sick was also absolutely no option.

I did not want to take an obvious shot for this of fluffy pillows or furry animals. So I looked around in our yard for something soft. I ended up with these little flowers. I don't know the name in English, translated from Flemish they would be May Bells.

This image is almost SOOC (straight out of camera), I merely upped the whites a little.

I really love this image, it is very much my style. Most people think my style is too dark. I get it, the trend now is very light and airy. Those image instantly give you a good feeling. But in my opinion, photography does not always need to convey happiness. But maybe I am leaning a bit too much to the other side 🤔. Anyway, I just like my images a bit darker.

Naturfotografie weiße Blumen vor dunklem Hintergrund
1/2500 ISO200 f4.5

Week 24 : Look Up

I had no inspiration whatsoever that week. I look up in and around the house and I either saw white ceilings or leaves. Again, not leaving the house at this point.

So I ended up entering this image because I liked the texture of he peeling paint. It's the ceiling of our front porch. I guess the new owners will have to redo it at some point 😀

abblätternde Farbe an der Holzdecke abstrakte Fotografie
1/250 ISO125 f3.5

Week 25 : Flowers

Again, I like to be contrary. If you would ask my parents, they would say I've always been like this. So while every one else submitted beautiful images of perfect flowers. I choose to take this photo of last year's weed ...

Naturfotografie alte Unkrautblume
1/1600 ISO125 f1.8

That's it for this blog post. Be sure to leave me some feedback in the comments!


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