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Welcome to Rainbows4Children Competition page


Hi there, contest entrants! I'm stoked you've jumped onboard this exciting journey.

Let's uncover what's in store for the lucky winner.


Your Boudoir Photo Shoot - Unveiling Your Inner Radiance


Here's the scene: it's you, the camera, and 30 minutes of pure self-celebration. 

Our mission? To capture your inherent beauty and confidence in a way that's authentic and empowering.

This isn't just a regular photo shoot.

It's an experience that goes beyond capturing images. It's a powerful statement, a love letter addressed solely to you. During this one-of-a-kind session, we will create timeless memories that reflect your unique spirit and unwavering strength.

You will not only receive 5 high-quality digital images but also a professionally matted print, meticulously crafted to transform your captured moments into a tangible piece of art. This print will be as exceptional and distinctive as you are, serving as a constant reminder of your beauty and individuality.

The nitty-gritty details

I want to keep things simple and straightforward. So, here's what you need to know about your potential prize:

  1. The draw: I'll draw the winner randomly on October 1st. It's just around the corner!

  2. Booking your session: If you're the lucky winner, you'll need to secure your session within a month from the draw date. But relax - you've got until September 30, 2024 to set up the actual shoot. 

  3. Setting the stage: We'll work together to pick the perfect location for your shoot once you've booked your session. Whether it's your cozy home or a studio location, we'll ensure it's a place where you can truly shine. 

  4. Sharing the inspiration: I will use the images from this shoot for my marketing. That means your beautiful photos might make appearances on my social media, website, and other advertising platforms. I will of course make sure that you are not recognisable.

Best of luck! And I can't wait to potentially capture your brilliance soon!


This page is solely for those who've already entered the competition.

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