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When I grow up

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

I want to be as good a photographer as Matthew Seed.

The mood that Matthew Seed's images exude is precisely what I would like to reach in my personal photography. The drama, the mysteriousness, the sheer emotion, it just awes me! And to reach this by controlling the lighting in the images is just amazing.

I am obviously far from there yet.

In part because I have yet to learn how to master artificial light. Which I haven't done yet because the equipment used to get these results is not within my budget (yet 😬). I have dabbled with my single speedlight and some spotlights but they do not give the same kind of light.

But also, when you start out in horse photography, all you will ever hear is to not use flashlights. Because we all know how horses can react to new, potentially life-threatening things. And a camera speedlight is definitely that ...

However, since I want to be able to control the light as well as Matthew Seed to create these powerful images, I figured I should at least try it out.

So I subjected my horse, Sophie, to it. I was so happy to find that she did not spook. Now if you know Sophie, that is a big surprise because she spooks at literally everything.

I'm sure that it would not be the same with all horses. Maybe not even most of them.

But as Matthew Seed proves, it can be done. And I am determined to master it, sooner or later. so I recently added a lighting set to my gear, one that actually fitted in my budget 😁. And I can't wait to try it out on Sophie!

The one below I took with just natural light. It's not nearly up there with Matthew Seed's photography, but I am pretty happy with it. The drama emanating from this image is so Sophie 😊.


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